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Cloud based application development

We focus on developing applications for industries that depend on the cloud for business and industrial requirements. Through adopting standardized methods, executing automated processes for validation, and providing high-quality results, we strategize quick development approaches for our clients. We design and dispatch automated and self-sustaining infrastructure on all well-known cloud platforms such as AWS, AZURE, and GCP. Contact us and make use of anbit’s highly reliable cloud platforms for a better and improved infrastructure for your organization.


Cloud migration services

We have expertise in relocating the history and Hypothetical applications from ventures data centers to innovative cloud platforms. Other concerned applications could also undergo testing for cloud adaptability, and a planned transformation approach will be put forth to establish an integrated cloud ecosystem that can run your business so smoothly and is reliable.


Cloud consulting services

We provide consultation and end-to-end support services to customers to help them identify new opportunities to leverage the cloud. Our support functions include identifying a suitable cloud deployment model, initiating a roadmap for cloud adoption, and strategizing a planned approach towards cloud enablement.


Cloud unification services

We focus on merging multiple services to make sure that data and processes are synchronized across an enterprise’s on-premise and cloud services. We also explain the overall organizational requirements and unique changes in management needs of developing industries.


Cloud computing

The best benefits of cloud computing are the modularity and portability of foundations. All the cloud vendors provide the same or similar set of databases and services, so the businesses can relocate between different clouds with relative ease, replacing the similar components and complementing the systems with open-source cloud-based modules like Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Ansible, ELK stack, SumoLogic, etc.


Why us?

Anbit ensures the on-demand self-service and pay-per-use nature of the cloud to transform your enterprise applications into cost-effective solutions. We have expertise in constructing a cloud computing environment (private, hybrid, or service provider cloud) using proven technologies for delivering application platform services.
Safe and cost effective infrastructure
Business insights and data analytic platform
International clients
Infrastructure optimization

Our Process and Approach

Research and discover


Validating and shaping idea


Design and prototyping


Cloud Devolopment


Testing and quality assurance


Service,maintenance and support

6 Why Cloud services?

Your Advantages

1. Comprehensive digitalization

  • Accessible for customers of all sizes
  • Enhanced design, realize and optimize capabilities
  • Secure formal and ad hoc collaboration.

2. No more heavy expenses

  • No more expensive computers for high memory storage
  • No need to pay for software licenses for every employee, instead, you can pay to one time to server provider
  • No physical space is needed for server and digital storage, we will store your data in our server.

3. Flexible and Open

  • Secure collaboration anywhere, anytime
  • Empower engineers to work across multiple domains and sites
  • Augment with low-code and cross-platform compatibility.

4. Customize,adaptable and innovative

  • Frequent engineering capabilities on-demand
  • Available 24/7 from any device
  • Easy tailored solutions.

About anbit

We see ourselves as a partner for innovation and digitalisation. With our team of computer scientists, developers, cyber security engineers as well as designer, we bundle our expertise for your digital project.We create effective and efficient solutions to technical problems, economic challenges or the introduction of promising technologies. This involves the creation of complex systems and products or the introduction of new technical applications. During a project, we always weigh up the cost-benefit ratio and keep the focus on economic efficiency.
focus on economic efficiency. With innovative ideas we react quickly to changes in order to transform them into technological and modern products.