Are your codes designed to be hacker-unfriendly?

anbit helps you to optimally secure your codes and makes them resilient with security design reviews, static code analyses and container orchestration.

We are member of the digitalHUB Aachen Germany

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Secure your codes & their architecture

We design your codes & architecture to be attack-resistant

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17 percent of all sensitive files are accessible to all employees

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Average Ransom Payment $228,125

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Are all data TLS encrypted?

Our services

Software security design review

For most IT applications, it is cheaper to close security gaps during the architecture phase rather than patching a system later in operation. This applies in particular to complex IT applications. Many security problems cannot be corrected later because they affect the architecture. Therefore, we analyze the structure and architecture of your application at an early stage to establish an attack-resistant structure. anbit makes sure that you use secure technologies at every stage of development - during development, deployment and operation. We also help you use the right development stacks and tools, deployment tools and operating systems.

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Static code analysis

With our Static application security testing you can protect your systems by detecting security vulnerabilities in the source code. We detect the typical vulnerabilities like injection (e.g. LDAP or SQL), buffer overflows and cross-site scripting. A big advantage is that you can analyze your source code for vulnerabilities very early, even before the source code is finalized. By discovering vulnerabilities early, we can easily and immediately adjust the code. Therefore you avoid rework and save significant costs.

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Container orchestration

Containers are an indispensable component for various DevOps concepts. Container solutions from anbit establish cloud-native development of applications. We use open source programs such as Kubernetes and Docker for this purpose. We also facilitate the open hybrid cloud approach and bundle the advantages of private cloud, public cloud and local IT infrastructure. Containers are compact, scalable and cost-effective. In addition, containers are portable and work more efficiently because they require fewer resources than virtual machines, move between environments, and can be set up and scaled quickly.

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Secure your codes and their architecture

Would you like to protect your codes and their architecture from hacker attacks? Leave your contact details and we will arrange a meeting to talk about implementing your cyber security strategy.

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We protect you from hacker attacks to secure you and your business

Successful cyberattacks result in the loss of money or the theft of personal, financial, and medical information. These attacks damage both your business and personal reputation and security. More than 3 billion of such malicious emails are sent every day. We help you to implement a sustainable cybersecurity strategy in your company to protect it in the best possible way.

  • Cyber Security strategy

    We create a security strategy for you - tailored to your needs and your individual security gaps. Act preventively before it's too late and hackers have attacked you!

  • Hacking attack simulation

    Our hackers check the security of all system components of your network with means and methods that are suitable for unauthorized penetration into the system.

  • Social awareness of team

    Your team must be trained so that no employee becomes a gateway for hacking attacks. For this purpose we conduct social awareness tests.

  • Be prepared for a hacking attack!

    It's only a matter of time. Be ready when a hacking attack happens to protect your business.

Why Anbit?

anbit is an IT company from Germany that focuses on digitalisation and cyber security in the private sector as well as projects mandated by the government. Our developers, hackers and engineers have experience in highly sensitive industries such as medicine, pharmaceuticals (GMP), finance, chemicals, construction and mechanical engineering. We dedicate ourselves to your project with passion and expertise to create secure and highly advanced IT solutions for you.