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Without identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities, companies are at risk of data breaches that can result in significant financial losses from recovery expenses, compensation claims, and decreased shareholder value. This neglect can lead to a direct impact on profitability and investor confidence.

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We protect you from hacker attacks to secure you and your business



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Web & app pen-testing

Physical pen-testing

Hacking simulation

Internal network penetration testing

OWASP Top 10 audit

Your web application or app is the most important digital flagship for your company. With our Web- and App penetration tests, you protect your application in the strongest possible way and prevent criminals from gaining access to your sensitive data. We test your systems with the suitable mix of SAST, DAST and manual pentests to secure your websites, web applications, and APIs. Our hackers therefore not only combine various automated security and penetration testing tools, but also, and most importantly, apply manual techniques tailored to your organization.

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You can Choose from our Hacking Methods

White Box

Insight in code & login information

Gray Box

Login information & network design documentation

Black Box

Hacking simulation without any knowledge of the target system

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Why Outsource Cyber Security to anbit?


Our team provides experience in a variety of sensitive sectors with cutting-edge tools and capabilities to respond to all of your needs


We provide you with immediate access to an expert team to evaluate and help respond to threats you face

Cost Effective

The annual cost of a virtual team is much less than that of a industry-leading cyber security team developed in-house

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Our Memberships

digitalHub Aachen

The digitalHUB Aachen e. V. is promoting the digitalization of the economy and the public sector in Germany. The digitalHUB Aachen brings IT-SMEs together with classic SMEs and industry to jointly develop and realize new digital business models. It is supported by governmental and scientific institutions such as universities and ministries.

digitalHub Aachen

Allianz für Cyber Sicherheit

As a proud member of the Cyber Alliance Germany, we are committed to improving national cyber security. By collaborating with experts and organizations, we contribute to strengthening digital resilience and promote the exchange of knowledge and best practices in the field of cyber security.

Allianz für Cyber Sicherheit

We would like to thank our partners and customers for the good cooperation.

Pallua Clinic International
Pallua Clinic International

Pallua Clinic from Düsseldorf was founded by Prof. Dr. Dr. med. Norberto Pallua, one of the most renowned plastic surgery doctors. Prior to that, Prof. Pallua was Director of the Clinic for Plastic and Burn Surgery at the University Hospital Aachen and also Professor for Plastic Surgery, Hand and Burn Surgery. Pallua Clinic offers its patients the safest methods in the field of plastic surgery. The doctors are frequently invited as speakers or course instructors at national and international conferences.


Aconity3D GmbH from Aachen is one of the technology leaders in the field of additive manufacturing. Aconity3D produces machines for laser-based 3D printing of metals. Its customers in the field of research and development, such as universities and companies in the automotive, aerospace, medical technology and toolmaking sectors, have the highest demands on the machines they use. Aconity3D is internationally active and has a branch office in the United States.