Is Your Team Skilled at Recognizing Hacking Attacks?

anbit sensitizes your employees to cyber threats and teaches them to ensure that acts in good faith do not pose a threat. Test and train your employees with our social engineering attacks, phishing simulations and social awareness trainings.


Create a Culture for Security

Insufficient training in socially engineered cyber attacks leaves companies vulnerable to insider threats, as employees may unintentionally expose sensitive data. This exposure can escalate to widespread data theft and unauthorized system access, compounding potential business disruption and network damage.

Identify threats instead of responding

Learn how to identify and stop threats before they are able to have an impact on your business



of all email threats are phishing attacks



Of malware is delivered over email



of malware targets have a specific target



of data breaches involve Phishing

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Explore below all the ways that you can build a digitally safe culture in your company

Phishing simulation

Social awareness training

Social engineering Attack

Error Learning Culture

We test your company for a simulated phishing attack. Our hackers try to gain access to your systems using the methods of criminals and send emails that are similar to real phishing attacks. This allows you to track how your employees react to the emails and identify their further activities and actions. This allows you to target weaknesses in your security architecture and address and train specific employees. Our social awareness training is recommended as a strengthening component for your employees.

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Why Outsource Cyber Security to anbit?


Our team provides experience in a variety of sensitive sectors with cutting-edge tools and capabilities to respond to all of your needs


We provide you with immediate access to an expert team to evaluate and respond to threats you face

Cost effective

The annual cost of a virtual team is much less than that of a industry-leading cyber security team developed in-house

Do you want to talk to our cyber security engineer to get more information how you can protect your company best from cyber attacks?

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digitalHub Aachen

The digitalHUB Aachen e. V. is promoting the digitalization of the economy and the public sector in Germany. The digitalHUB Aachen brings IT-SMEs together with classic SMEs and industry to jointly develop and realize new digital business models. It is supported by governmental and scientific institutions such as universities and ministries.

digitalHub Aachen

Allianz für Cyber Sicherheit

As a proud member of the Cyber Alliance Germany, we are committed to improving national cyber security. By collaborating with experts and organizations, we contribute to strengthening digital resilience and promote the exchange of knowledge and best practices in the field of cyber security.

Allianz für Cyber Sicherheit

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Pallua Clinic International
Pallua Clinic International

Pallua Clinic from Düsseldorf was founded by Prof. Dr. Dr. med. Norberto Pallua, one of the most renowned plastic surgery doctors. Prior to that, Prof. Pallua was Director of the Clinic for Plastic and Burn Surgery at the University Hospital Aachen and also Professor for Plastic Surgery, Hand and Burn Surgery. Pallua Clinic offers its patients the safest methods in the field of plastic surgery. The doctors are frequently invited as speakers or course instructors at national and international conferences.


Aconity3D GmbH from Aachen is one of the technology leaders in the field of additive manufacturing. Aconity3D produces machines for laser-based 3D printing of metals. Its customers in the field of research and development, such as universities and companies in the automotive, aerospace, medical technology and toolmaking sectors, have the highest demands on the machines they use. Aconity3D is internationally active and has a branch office in the United States.