Is your team skilled at recognizing hacking attacks?

anbit sensitises your employees to cyber threats and teaches them to ensure that good faith actions do not pose a threat. Test and train your employees with our social engineering attacks, phishing simulations and social awareness trainings.

We are member of the digitalHUB Aachen Germany

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Train your team to act safely

We train your employees to recognize cyber threats and act responsibly

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95 % of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error

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average cost of cyber attacks due to malicious insiders: $1.2 million

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90 % of malware is delivered via email

Our services

Phishing simulation

We test your company for a simulated phishing attack. Our hackers try to gain access to your systems using the methods of criminals and send emails that are similar to real phishing attacks. This allows you to track how your employees react to the emails and identify their further activities and actions. This allows you to target weaknesses in your security architecture and address and train specific employees. Our social awareness training is recommended as a strengthening component for your employees.

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Social awareness training

95% of hacking attacks are caused by employee mistakes. With anbit's social awareness training, you train your employees so that they work responsibly and securely with digital applications and do not pose a threat to the security of your company. Our trainings cover phishing, passwords, ransomware, encryption, storage and information protection as well as internal threats and C-level fraud. Your employees are ideally trained on a regular basis so they always know how to react to the latest threat trends. Typically, we conduct the trainings 2 times a year - online or on-site at your company. To promote secure and independent working, your employees will be trained on compliance by also completing awareness trainings on areas such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, CCPA and GDPR. We design the courses individually, taking into account the specific needs of your company and its employees.

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Social engineering attack

Put your employees to the test with social engineering exercises from anbit. To gain access to your information and data, hackers often use social engineering, where your employees are tricked into downloading malicious files or introducing other malware into your IT system. We test your employees for the actual methods used by criminals such as baiting, phishing, whaling, quid pro quo, pretexting, impersonation, voice phishing, spear phishing, watering hole attacks, tailgating and scareware. Afterwards, you will get an overview with all the gaps in your security structure. On the personnel side, we close these gateways for hackers through targeted training of your employees. On the technical side, you can already fend off the majority of attacks with our security solutions using AI and machine learning. In real time, you know what activities are taking place and harmful activities are automatically eliminated.

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Train your team to act safely

Would you like to sensitize your employees to the dangers of working with IT systems? Leave your contact information and we will set up a meeting to talk about increasing social awareness in your team.

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We protect you from hacker attacks to secure you and your business

Successful cyberattacks result in the loss of money or the theft of personal, financial, and medical information. These attacks damage both your business and personal reputation and security. More than 3 billion of such malicious emails are sent every day. We help you to implement a sustainable cybersecurity strategy in your company to protect it in the best possible way.

  • Cyber Security strategy

    We create a security strategy for you - tailored to your needs and your individual security gaps. Act preventively before it's too late and hackers have attacked you!

  • Hacking attack simulation

    Our hackers check the security of all system components of your network with means and methods that are suitable for unauthorized penetration into the system.

  • Social awareness of team

    Your team must be trained so that no employee becomes a gateway for hacking attacks. For this purpose we conduct social awareness tests.

  • Be prepared for a hacking attack!

    It's only a matter of time. Be ready when a hacking attack happens to protect your business.

Why Anbit?

anbit is an IT company from Germany that focuses on digitalisation and cyber security in the private sector as well as projects mandated by the government. Our developers, hackers and engineers have experience in highly sensitive industries such as medicine, pharmaceuticals (GMP), finance, chemicals, construction and mechanical engineering. We dedicate ourselves to your project with passion and expertise to create secure and highly advanced IT solutions for you.