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Cyber-Security audits, security concepts, risk assessment


Cloud-Applications, infrastructure, hosting

The digital transformation is fundamentally changing the way we live, work and learn at a rapid pace. As an international consultancy, anbit wants to shape this change and prepare our partners for the future in the best possible way. The focus is on: What does digitalisation bring to the individual? How do we maintain and strengthen prosperity in the digital age?

In addition, it is increasingly important to protect oneself from threats in a digitalised world. We accompany our partners into a secure digital future with protected infrastructure. Our aim is to make life easier through digital smart solutions, but at the same time with the highest level of security.

IT development and consultancy with a focus on digital products, cybersecurity and cloud

  • Digital Consulting

    We drive digitalisation in companies and help to securely harness the power of data, cloud and AI. We accompany our customers during the introduction of new software or cloud solutions. Our focus is on saving licensing costs and building an independent IT infrastructure so as never to become dependent on a proprietary software provider.
  • Cloud

    We accompany you on your way to the cloud. We modernize your enterprise software, network and end-user environment to save costs and increase agility, productivity and effiency while reducing risks.
  • Cyber-Security

    Threads in the IT infrastructure can be exploited by attackers for blackmail, information gathering and sabotage. This causes great economic damage and can damage the company's image. As an independent service provider, we analyse the infrastructure and develop a security strategy with you to protect yourself from threats.
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Our clients

We would like to thank our partners and customers for the good cooperation.

Pallua Clinic International
Prof. Norbert Pallua, MD, PhD, FEBOPRAS. Due to his more than 20 years working as a full professor for the subject: Plastic Surgery at RWTH Aachen Prof. Pallua has a high reputation far beyond Germany's borders acquired his excellent results. Scientifically, the highly reputed surgeon has ranked top with more than 400 peer reviewed publications.
Aconity3D is the wolrd-wide leading machine manufacturer for Laser-Based 3D Printing of Metals. Situated in Aachen’s high-technology surrounding of the RWTH University and Fraunhofer research institutes. With the company’s technological background in production technologies and informatics, the focus is set on developing open, customer-specific machinery for 3D printing of metals.